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Lariat Collection Release



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The Lariat x Encompass Collection

Hand Fabricated Jewelry
Released in Limited Collections
Always One-Of-A-Kind
For Your Soul Driven Journey




"I feel so beautifully adorned when I wear my Salt Creek Silver jewelry. Alyssa’s designs are timeless- artfully handcrafted with a distinct style, solid feel, and the highest quality stones. I’m always giddy prior to a new collection release in hopes of building my own personal collection! I get so many compliments on all of my pieces. It is wonderful to be a part of the Salt Creek community! Keep the creativity flowin, Alyssa. We love your work and positive energy!"

Skylar Hodgson

"I can’t express enough how much I love and adore Salt Creek Silver jewelry! I have several pieces straight from her store as well as some custom pieces I’ve ordered. Each one is so special, Alyssa really knows how to capture visions of beauty from nature and transfer that into jewelry that can remind me of special moments in my life every time I wear them! The way she packages and cares for each order also just makes my heart sing! Each time I receive an order in the mail I get all giddy and can’t wait to open it!"

Sarah Crabtree

"Salt Creek Silver jewelry is one of a kind quality. I wear a lot of silver and turquoise everyday but when people ask where I got it all from - I get really excited to tell them about just my Salt Creek pieces. Each piece is unique and tells a story. You can tell right off the bat how much time and effort she puts into crafting each piece which is why I am happy to spend money on her art. It truly is an investment.

Now that I have 2 pairs of her earrings I can never decide which one I'm going to wear, they go with everything I wear and I feel like such a queen adorned in these timely pieces! Alyssa is always creating it seems like, I can't wait to see what she does with her next collection!"

Kelsey Angelotta

"Salt Creek Silver makes strong pieces and helps me feel grounded with her jewelry.

The only jewelry I’ve ever bought for myself has been something Salt Creek Silver has made. Mom guilt makes it hard for me to spend money on myself, but this is an investment. Salt Creek Silver has made a mark in our family heirlooms!"

Sarah Olson


a touch of radiance

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Shop the look

Radiant Statement NecklaceRadiant Statement Necklace
Radiant Statement Necklace Sale price$1,222.00
Radiant Statement NecklaceRadiant Statement Necklace
Radiant Statement Necklace Sale price$1,222.00
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