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As a dreamer, I know your life’s ambitions are high and spirited! 

You don’t like fitting the status quo mold.

Rather you live life by your own design, from the place you live, to the job you do, and the jewelry you wear.

If something is calling to you, you take the journey to get it.

You show off your authentic personality through your sense of style with one-of-a-kind pieces.

You go after life fully and mark your life moments with quality jewelry that will stand the test of time for you, so you can remember your elevated milestones in life years later, from your travels, to your achievements, to the people you hold so very close. 

ALYSSA GREGG | owner, designer, fabricator


Hi! I'm Alyssa!

My journey into the world of jewelry was shaped by many puzzle pieces that came together as I followed my soul’s desires. Even if they didn’t always seem like the best choices by society’s norms or the moves seemed big and scary, I relentlessly followed where my excitement and joy led me.


The seeds of inspiration that led me to becoming a jeweler were planted at a young age, as I was surrounded by my grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry at her consignment store. Big, bold pieces of the 50s, 60s, and 70s were my favorite. My mother continued my jewelry inspiration by her devotion to collecting fine jewelry to celebrate her job promotions, treat herself during a hard time, and remembering her travels around the world. Naturally I followed suit…



Attracted to the arts, I studied and worked within the field of architecture for many years. Specially, I had an affinity for sustainable and organic architecture due to its naturally unique and innovative designs. During this time, outside of work hours, I would take art classes to inspire my creativity.  Once I  landed on a metal smithing class, I was so curious to learn more. 

I moved from east coast in the traditional architecture scene, following my soul’s longing for a more inspiring space, to New Mexico, where I worked with Earthship architecture to build off grid homes.  This was my first time living in such vast landscape of the Southwest amongst the desert and mountains.  I was enamored, and I learned I was supposed to live a simple life off the land, in a place of maximum natural beauty and adventure. Naturally, I was also inspired by the western culture and came closer to the world of Native Southwestern jewelry. 

When I moved outside of  Yellowstone, I reached out to a metalsmith, Greg Koschtial, who became my mentor.  I sat with him every morning for a summer, just watching and absorbing his technique.  He is the inspiration behind Salt Creek Silver’s thick, durable jewelry that stands the test of time. 



As I followed my soul driven journey, I migrated to the PNW coastline for its beauty and landed in a magical place where mountains greet the sea.  

The name Salt Creek Silver embodies my home near Salt Creek on the Olympic Peninsula. Just down the street, I access beautiful beach front and hiking trails amongst the firs and ferns on the brink of the San Juan Strait. It is a place I find refuge, space and inspiration; a place to have the freedom to create. It’s my life by design to be here.

Here, I continued to with exploration, patience and discipline to self teach my way into metalsmithing and reach the skill level I am proud of that truly is one-of-a-kind quality heirloom jewelry.


Inspiring your life by design

The Mission

SCS' mission is to inspire others to embark on their soul-driven journey.

It takes guts and grit to follow your dreams and do what you love. Oftentimes you have to start from scratch, begin a new, and take on unfamiliar challenges.

I'm fortunate to have subscribed to my true life by my own loved design. Metalsmithing is my passion to bring beauty into this world and serve you.

Will you join me by living your life by your own design?


Are you ready to find a piece of jewelry that speaks to and expresses your true personality?

Scroll through SCS jewelry to find your perfect piece!




SCS is dedicated to self-expression and individuality. SCS jewelry allows individuals to authentically express themselves, showcasing their unique style, and embracing their personality with every piece they wear, taking the jewelry every step of the way of their soul-driven journey.


SCS has unwavering commitment to crafting high-quality, long-lasting, and meticulously designed jewelry. SCS jewelry utilizes durable, thick metals and high-quality gemstones to ensure that the jewelry not only showcase stunning beauty but are also built to withstand the test of time.


SCS understands the emotional bond that jewelry fosters between the wearer and their cherished moments, loved ones, and personal stories. SCS pieces go beyond mere adornments; the jewelry serves as meaningful symbols that forge deep and lasting connections, meant to be handed down to generations to come.