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Lariat Collection Release


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The process

Salt Creek Silver takes pride in the time-honored craft of metalsmithing. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously hand-fabricated using traditional techniques, ensuring that every creation is infused with the care and precision of skilled craftsmanship.


With skilled hands, I meticulously cut out each component of our jewelry by hand, ensuring precision and attention to detail at every step. Once cut, these raw pieces undergo a transformation through the ancient art of forging, where they are shaped and molded into the desired form.

Turning up the heat

With the torch's gentle heat, we delicately weld the components, ensuring a seamless and durable bond. Once united, final touches are applied with care and expertise.

Curated Gemstones

I hand-select every gemstone, believing each has a unique story. Working closely with expert lapidary artists and miners, we ensure only the highest quality stones meet our standards. This collaboration results in truly unique pieces, showcasing the natural brilliance of each gem.

I invite you to discover SCS' artistry by shopping our Collections

From the first strike of the hammer to the final polish, every step of our process is imbued with passion and attention to detail.