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custom reservations

Please review the Custom Reservation Process

let's create jewelry together!

DESIGN |  Designs must be in the scope of Salt Creek Silver's designs, which includes hand fabricated silver or gold jewelry builds with turquoise and other gemstones. 

Previous Salt Creek Silver build designs are welcome to be recreated for your custom piece! Do you have a Salt Creek Silver design that you love but sold out or was not built to your size?   Book a custom reservation!  You pick the stone and the size and the design of Salt Creek Silver's that you prefer!

Repairs, Cast Jewelry Designs, and Diamonds, etc. are NOT in Salt Creek Silver's scope of work. If you request something outside of Salt Creek Silver scope, I will try to give you a recommendation of another jewelry if possible.


PRODUCTION TIME | Custom orders have a production time standardly of 6-8 weeks.  Production time starts at the date the custom reservation deposit is received, which is requested after the first consultation appointment.    Expedited customs may be considered for an additional fee $250; subject to availability. 


CONSULTATIONS | One 30 minute phone consultations are provided with your custom order if you prefer.  Custom orders can also be communicated via email.  Consultations provide gemstone selection and design reviews.  Custom reservations must approve the final design by providing a non-refundable deposit.  See Payments for more information. 

SIZING | Ensure to provide accurate sizing. Custom reservations will be built to the given sizing.  Many pieces are jewelry cannot be altered by SCS; they must go to a repair jeweler.  Salt Creek Silver recommends being fitted by a professional jeweler.   Additional sizing recommendations can be referenced. 

PAYMENTS | Custom orders require a $400 minimum.

All Custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit, which is taken after the the design has been secured and the quote is provided. The final non-refundable 50% payment is due upon the Custom reservation's completion, before shipment.  Salt Creek Silver will ship custom reservations once final payment is received. 

Quotes are subject to change based on market prices and labor included to finish the custom reservation.   Salt Creek Silver will remain transparent should additional costs accrue. 

SHIPPING | All custom reservations will be mailed USPS Priority Mail with full insurance. Signature Required services will apply.

RETURNS | Custom orders cannot be refunded or returned. All sales are final. 

Should there be adjustments in sizing requested, please consult with me.

CUSTOM INFORMATION | Please use the below form to fill out information regarding your custom reservation request.  Please include your name, email and phone number.   In the 'message' section, please provide a detailed description of what you are envisioning for your custom reservation.  Include information such as:

  • General Budget Range:
    I will guide you through pricing; however, if you have a price range you are comfortable with, please advise. This will help us custom design a piece of jewelry in your price range. Please note, custom reservations start at $400.

  • Type of Jewelry:
    Earrings, Ring, Pendant, Bracelet Cuff, Belt Buckle, Bolo, etc.
    Design Name: Full Bloom, Encompass, Enchanted, North Star, Cairn, etc. 

  • Size:
    Please sure to consult with a  professional jewelry for your accurate sizing. See sizing notes above. 

  • Type of Metal: 
    Silver or 14k Gold or Two Tone (a mix of both)

  • Gemstone Preference
    Describe the type of gemstone you'd like to feature in your custom reservation such as turquoise, opal, jasper, etc. If you'd like to focus on color of gemstone, please describe what you have in mind!

    If you would like to explore using your own gemstone, please mail a photograph and estimated sizing to 

  • Date Desired for Completion:
    Please note of production time, see production time notes above.

Additional photographs or attachments can be sent to Salt Creek Silver for custom reservation requests; please email  Be sure to include your name on the email, so we can match your email to your custom reservation request form. 

Thank you for trusting in me to take this journey with you for a beautifully adorned piece of jewelry.  I look forward to working with you!

Please fill out the below form with as much details as possible. Please allow 1 week reply response.


Not sure what you're looking for? No problem! Simply provide your name, email, and phone number and we will schedule a call to explore a reservation!